“I’d been racing for 10+ years just going really fast in tight circles with no strategy. This team has given me everything I knew I needed, and what I never knew I needed. Strategic teamwork, detailed skills work, and incredible courage that not only has provided podium results, but also a willingness and joy to be a better teammate.”

— Jessica

ALP Cycles Racing is a women’s cycling team based in Boulder, Colorado

In 2019 we will combine our Road and Cyclocross teams while adding a Mountain Bike team to create one big ALP Cycles Race Team.  We augment individual professional coaching with race team techniques and camaraderie. By providing coached training rides, skills sessions, coaching, and team races with team race strategy. ALP Cycles Racing is changing the way local race teams train and race. 


“Being part of ALP Cycles Racing has made a significant difference in my racing. Coach-led practices emphasize and teach pack skills, lead-outs, and the execution of team strategy. Bike racing used to be daunting but now I approach each race with new confidence. I have a lot of fun and enjoy this sport more due to the positive and challenging atmosphere that surrounds this team.”

— Mollie