2019 ALP Cycles Racing Team Roster


Sandy North, Road/Track

Valerie Eipper, Road

Robin Waterman, Road

Lynne Anderson, Road

Michele Moffat, Road/CX

Ruth Alexander, Road

Nina Donohue, Road/CX/MTB

Kristie Arend, Road/CX/MTB

Cory Popovich, Road/CX

Rachel Plessing, Road/Track

Kristina Vrouwenvelder, Road

 Jessica Meyer, Road/CX

Nicole Horst, Road

Lorna Adley, Road/CX

Mollie Brewer, Road

Libby Russell, Road

Caitlin Alexander, Road

Karin Budding, Road

Lyndsey Larson, Road

Julie Hsu, Road

Michele Blackburn, Road/CX

Claudia Behring, Road

Andrea Printy, Road

Laura Ann Leaton, MTB/CX

Jamie Brede, Road


Lynne Anderson

Laura Ann Leaton

Claudia Behring

Claudia Behring

Libby Russell

Robin Waterman

Robin Waterman

Ruth Alexander

Ruth Alexander

Kristie Arend

Kristie Arend

Michele Moffat

Kristina Vrouwenvelder

Kristina Vrouwenvelder

Andrea Buttine

Michele Blackburn

Michele Blackburn

Karin Budding

Jessica Meyer

Mollie Brewer

Nina Donohue

Nina Donohue


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